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You can have an idea about the papers to be present at our symposium in April, consulting the document: SOME ABSTRACTS O THE PAPERS TO BE PRESENTED AT THE SYMPOSIUM Fo more infomations please consult: Your presence it is important....

As previously announced, the next symposium ILPS will take place in the beautiful city of Porto-Portugal on 21 and 22 April 2016. The ILPS2016 will be organized by ILPA in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering of Porto and will take place in the college facilities. Soon we will present his program, but so you can make a small tour of the city's famous Port wine, and perhaps whet your desire to participate, let us here a link for short promotional video of the city. Do not forget book in your agenda 21 And April 22, 2016 because your presence, your customers and friends is important for the success of the symposium