Technical papers - International Lightning Protection Association
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Technical papers

On this page, you can find a list of useful technical papers about lightning protection and early reception streamers issued by ILPA. All the documents are freely available for download as .pdf files. If you are looking for specific documentation unavailable on the website, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest papers directly on your mail address.


List of technical papers available on ILPA

ILPS 2016

  • Storm Detectors for better protection
  • Real case study : Lightning Protection system on High Structures
  • Sustainable Development applied to Lightning Protection design
  • Research on “Jumps” Characteristic of Lightning Activities in a hailstorm
  • Lightning earthing system : a practical guide
  • Comparison between models to determine the best-performing regions in lightning detection networks
  • Lightning risk prevention
  • Storm detection by static electric field measurements without mobile elements

ILPS 2014

  • The storm detection, a prevention tool : the utility of the settings
  • Procedure to obtain appropriate thresholds for Class I thunderstorm warning system
  • Evaluation of different types of connectors and their application to Type I surge protective devices
  • Ac power quality and surge protectors
  • Correlation analysis between channel current and luminosity in an artificially triggered lightning flash
  • On cloud-to-ground lightning peak currents for the amazon region energy planning
  • Correlation analysis between channel current and luminosity in an artificially triggered lightning flash
  • The effects of urbanization on the distribution of lightning induced voltages on overhead lines
  • Optical and electrical observations of a triggered lightning containing two times upward propagations
  • Physics and applications of atmospheric non-thermal air plasma with reference to environment

ILPS 2012

  • Experiments on lightning protection for automatic weather stations using artificially triggered lightning
  • Lightning protection : basis & praxis
  • Stadiums lightning protection
  • Effectiveness empirical study on early streamer emission lightning protection installations in spain
  • Presentation of a typical case of lightning protection up grading to conformity of the senat lightning protection, according to specifications done by a design office
  • Limitation of Δt up to 60µs in the standards for lightning protection with ese air terminals. Also available in Porteguese and Spanish.
  • Unsustainable trends in lightning protection industry.
  • Effectiveness of worldwide existing ESE lightning Protection Systems manufactured in Europe.